Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

Dealing With Winter Mouse Nests In Your Car

Margie Craig

As winter sets in, many animals seek a warm, safe and dry shelter to protect themselves from the cold. While most families know to protect their home from rodents, many do not consider that their car or truck can be just as inviting to furry invaders. Once they are established in the engine bay or undercarriage of your car, mice can wreak thousands of dollars' worth of damage and contaminate your interior with dust, fur, droppings and foul odors. Instead of tolerating their presence, follow these tips to help keep your vehicle rodent-free. 

Detecting Mice in Your Car

During the winter months, check your car's engine bay regularly for any signs of a nest. Because they are small and discreet animals, however, mice can be difficult to notice before they chew their way through your car's wiring. Your first clue may be a faulty electrical system, such as the car refusing to start one morning. In this case, if the battery seems to be charged and functional, check around your engine bay for debris, droppings or chewed wires. Nests are often hidden carefully, and engine parts may need to be removed and inspected by a professional to hunt it down. 

Removing Mouse Nests From a Car

Once you have located a nest, removing its occupants is not always easy. Mice often build several nests as part of a colony, and they will simply migrate or build another one if the first is destroyed. Furthermore, this will not address the more important issue of how those mice accessed your car in the first place. Calling in rodent control specialists is typically the best solution to guarantee that your pest problem is resolved permanently. They will be able to treat your car's infestation thoroughly without damaging its engine and wiring, as well as help you ensure that more mice won't take up residence in the future. 

Preventing Mice Infestations in Cars

Cars that develop a mouse infestation are often stored in garages that also have mice, giving the rodents an easy way to spread into your vehicle. Putting down traps and sealing entryways as part of your rodent control may keep their population low enough that your car will not be a tempting target. Avoid leaving food in the car, even empty coffee cups or fast food bags, since the smell can attract pests looking for an easy meal. When in doubt, seek the guidance of rodent control experts who can pinpoint vulnerable areas around your car and help you develop a long-term strategy to protect it for years to come. 


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