Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

Two Ways You Can Decorate Your Living Room To Make It Look Beautiful

Margie Craig

When you are putting together the living room in your house, it is important to make sure that everything fits together thematically. If you have contemporary pieces put together with Louis XIV pieces, it can leave your room looking disparate and unorganized. By hewing to a certain style, it can lead to a living room that looks impressive and feels comfortable.

Here are two styles of living rooms, along with some great decorating options to make sure they look fantastic:


Antiques are an extraordinary way to make a room unique. Antique chairs are particularly amazing. This furniture is built using solid wood construction and using luxurious textiles and coverings to make a room really stand out. You could also add an old hope chest or china cabinet to hold some things that are particularly valuable to you.

You can complement this antique furniture with some other antique pieces. Some great examples are old typewriters or sewing machines. These old pieces will add a lot of character to your room. Consider using antiqued frames that are somewhat distressed, but still beautiful, to finish out an antique room. 


Contemporary rooms make a home look sleek and modern. Use a lot of solid colored furniture with clean lines as a base for the room. Leather furniture is particularly well suited to a contemporary room. You can accent these solid colors with some bright pillows and geometric patterns to add some pop to your room.

When you add these accents, it will give variety to your contemporary living room, as contemporary looks can often be somewhat drab and dull. Another thing that will add to your contemporary room is photography. Use black and white frames with simple mats and beautiful colorful photos to add more variety for your room.

Instead of chests or china cabinets, use sleek pieces like a black piano or a great coffee table to make your room more interesting. You can also use an Asian or Scandinavian lamp or a ficus or other tree to add interest to your room. If you use a tree, make sure that the planter matches the room. Too often beautiful trees are put in substandard planters. Complete the look of your room by paying attention to every detail, right down to the planter.

As you decorate your living room in one of these ways, you will find that it has become an oasis in your house and you will love to spend time there. If you have other questions, contact a company like Bucks County Estate Traders to learn more.


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