Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

Planning For Your Spring Cleaning Purge

Margie Craig

Does your spring cleaning process include moving things from one place to another? Are you tired of moving the same boxes and totes each and every spring? Here, you will learn some tips that can help you spring purge during your cleaning and make next year's cleaning a lot easier and less time consuming.

Start in the Garage

If you have a garage, start your spring cleaning there. This will help you get organized from the start and provide you with a place to store things that you are unsure of what to do with, or the things that you will be getting rid of.

During a spring cleaning, you want to focus on reducing pests from the home. This means that you should pull everything away from the walls to kill any spiders, insects or rodents that have survived the winter. As you are putting things back in place, start sorting through everything. Get rid of the things that are broken or are never used.

As you work your way through the home, you can organize things in your garage. Have one pile for items you will donate, one pile for trash and one pile for things that you just cannot let go of and will be putting in storage.

Reduce the Wardrobe

The bedrooms in your home can quickly become a magnet for unused items. Go through your wardrobe and donate the things that you have not worn in quite some time. If you're unwilling to part with certain pieces be sure to wash and dry the clothes so that bacteria doesn't continue spreading throughout your clothes. 

Tip: When replacing your winter wardrobe with spring and summer clothes, position the hangers backwards. As you rehang something after wearing it, hang the hanger as you normally would. When the time comes to put away the spring and summer clothes and replace them with the winter wardrobe, donate any clothes that are on hangers that are facing backwards. If you didn't wear it this season, you likely won't wear it next season.

Clear Out the Toys

A child's toy collection can quickly take over a home. During your spring cleaning, take the time to go through the toy boxes and bins to eliminate any unused or broken toys. It can be difficult to talk children into letting go of some toys, so pick and choose your battles. A way to manage is to place items in storage and see if they still want it a year later. Or, consider holding a yard sale and allowing your kids to keep the money from the toys that they sell. This could make it easier for your kids to let go of their toys with less of a battle.

Utilize a Storage Unit

Once you have worked your way through your home, look at the pile of things that you will be taking to a storage unit. This pile likely contains keepsakes that you cannot bring yourself to part with, holiday decorations, and maybe the fall and winter wardrobe that you won't need until later in the year. After you see the size of the pile, contact your local storage facility to learn the rates for the size of the unit you need.

This cleaning process can take some time, but next year, things will be a little easier because you will have purged many items out of the house that you do not need under your feet and all around.

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