Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

4 Ways To Make A Chain Link Fence More Attractive

Margie Craig

Chain link fences serve as a budget-friendly option for homeowners looking to improve security or keep kids and pets contained in the yard. While chain link fencing won't break the bank -- at $12 to $15 per foot, it's about half the cost of an iron or aluminum fence -- the simple chain link design isn't exactly known for its aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, this wallet-friendly fencing is easy to dress up, allowing it to blend into the landscape or even to serve as an attractive element in its own right. Check out these four ideas to help you upgrade your chain link fence to boost the curb appeal of your home. 

Flowers and Shrubs

Shrubs and hedges work hand in hand with chain link fences and, over time, can even grow tall enough to completely hide the fence from view. If you prefer a more colorful arrangement, consider adding a flower bed in front of the fence to draw the eye away from it. Another option is to plant flowering vines that will eventually grow up and over the fence, transforming it into a wall of flowers or foliage.


The traditional chain link fence is closely associated with its default metallic finish. While chain link fences were once limited to a silvery grey color, today's homeowners have countless options for adding color to a fence. Many manufacturers offer fences with a colored vinyl coating. Choosing a green or brown coating helps the fence fade into the landscape, while white vinyl coatings help the fence blend into a pool deck or patio. If your fence is already installed, you can always paint it to add color. Start by removing rust and prepping the surface, then add paint using a sprayer or simple paint roller. 


Rolls of mesh or fabric have long been used to improve the privacy of a chain link fence while adding protection from wind and sunlight. Simple versions of this mesh come in shades of green or brown, while more decorative fabric options are painted to resemble leaves, brick or stone. You can also find lightweight rolls of bamboo or natural reeds to serve a similar purpose, as well as fancier fabrics designed to transform a boring chain link fence into a work of art. 


Vinyl slats serve as another easy-to-install option for upgrading a chain link fence. These strips of plastic are easy to fit within the holes or the fence and can be woven in various directions, using a variety of colors to form patterns. Simple shades of green, white or brown help the fence blend in, while more colorful slats allow homeowners to showcase their artistic side while improving privacy and protecting themselves from excess wind or sunlight.

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