Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

Why You Should Have Heated Hardwood Floors In Your Home

Margie Craig

Hardwood floors are beautiful, durable and add value to every home. However, some clients have reservations about hardwood floors, especially if they live in areas that have harsh winters. You don't have to cover your hardwood floors with carpet or rugs in the winter and diminish the beauty of your flooring and your home. It is possible to enjoy your beautiful hardwood flooring all year long, no matter where you live.

Heated Hardwood Flooring

You have likely heard of homes with heated concrete or tile floors. It is also possible to have heated hardwood floors in your home. This keeps the floor warm and toasty for your feet and your pet's paws, without making the floor too hot to step on. Plus, these systems actually add resale value to your home, and can help you sell your home to a larger pool of buyers if you ever decide to move to a different home.

How Does It Work?

Hardwood flooring heating systems are placed underneath the flooring at the time of installation. Typically, these systems come in the form of mats; these mats have the heating elements built in. The mats are made typically of mesh or other fireproof materials, so they are completely safe. The mats are placed under the hardwood, similar to the way a pad is placed under carpeting. When the system is in operation, heat radiates from the heating cable, up through the hardwood floor, and makes the flooring warm and inviting. 

Added Benefits of Heated Hardwood Flooring

Heated hardwood flooring is lovely on a cold winter morning when you have to struggle out of your warm, toasty bed. If you have pets, they will appreciate a warm floor to stretch out on at your feet. In addition, if you ever decide to sell your home, heated hardwood flooring will increase your home's resale value. And finally, heated hardwood flooring can actually reduce your utility costs in the winter. Many customers find that they need to run their furnaces and heat pumps less in the winter, thanks to the heat that radiates from the floor and makes the whole home feel cozy and inviting. In fact, this savings may actually help your heated hardwood flooring can pay for itself within just a few years of installation.

You work hard to have a beautiful home; you and your family deserve heated hardwood flooring to make your home as comfortable as possible in the colder months. Talk with a company like National Carpet Mill Outlet for more advice about heating your hardwood floors.


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