Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

4 Easy Tips For Making Your Air Conditioner Last Longer

Margie Craig

A quality air conditioning system is a big investment, so it's important to do what you can to protect it. By taking good care of your air conditioner, it will not only work more efficiently but will also last much longer. Just follow these four tips to ensure your air conditioner keeps your home cool for many years to come:

Change Air Filters Regularly

Your air conditioner can't work effectively if the filters are dirty and impeding air flow. This will cause your AC to work harder than it should, which means it won't last as long. Your air conditioning system's user manual will tell you exactly how often the manufacturer recommends changing your specific filters, as this can vary depending on the type of filters you have. If you have pets or live in an area with bad air quality, you may decide to change your air filters even more often than the manufacturer suggests.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Many homeowners neglect to maintain their air conditioners until something is majorly wrong. A better option is to schedule an annual inspection from an air conditioning repair professional each spring before you begin to use your air conditioner. The repair company will make sure every component of your air conditioner is clean, in good repair, and working as efficiently as possible. This sort of proactive maintenance ensures problems get fixed early, before they become more complicated and expensive, or turn into irreparable damage.

Clean the Outside Unit

The outside unit of your air conditioning system collects dirt, dead leaves, and other debris. This clogs the fans and coils and causes your air conditioner to work less effectively and wear out more quickly. It's easy to clean your air conditioning unit though: simply turn off the power supply, remove any branches or other large debris items, and then rinse off with your garden hose. In the winter, remember to use an air conditioner cover to keep the outside unit clean and protected from the elements.

Provide Shade for Outdoor Components

The hotter your air conditioner, the harder it will have to work to cool your home. A good solution is to move the outdoor unit to a shady portion of your home's exterior where it won't be in direct sunlight. You can also purchase shades specifically built for air conditioners at most major home improvement stores.

By following these tips, you can rest easy knowing you've taken great care of your air conditioning system.


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