Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

Keeping Creepy Crawling Insects Out Of Your Basement

Margie Craig

If you noticed several crawling insects, such as silverfish, roaches, or beetles, inside of your basement or crawl space area, you will most likely want to take fast action in their elimination so they do not cause damage to your home. Insects are often attracted to areas with excessive moisture, making the lower level of your home a prime area for infestation. Here are some steps you can take to alleviate a moisture problem in an attempt to keep insects outside of your home where they belong.

Take Time To Check The Foundation

The first step in your quest to eliminate an insect problem is to find out where they are getting into your home. If the basement and crawl space are the areas where they are located, it is likely that your foundation has crevices within the cement structure that insects are using as a passageway to the interior of your home. Do an evaluation of the condition of your foundation and fill in any cracks found with an appropriate foundation cement sealant. If you find larger holes or shifting concrete slab pieces along any part of your foundation, a call to a repair specialist is best. Eliminating crevices will keep moisture from seeping into your home, helping to keep insects from being attracted to these areas as well.

Add A Protective Layer To Keep Bugs Out

One way to eliminate an insect problem inside of your lower level is with the addition of a vapor barrier. A basement waterproofing service needs to install this material to your walls. They will remove drywall and insulation, check the interior of the foundation level for cracks, fill them in, replace the insulation, and add protective plastic sheeting on top of it. This will provide a tight seal against not only insects, but also moisture accumulation inside of the area. The drywall will be replaced after the plastic is positioned. This is a great way to get extra insulation for the space as well.

Remove Moisture With Dissidents And Air Flow

A dissident is a tool many use inside an area with humid conditions. These products are usually constructed in a box or canister form and are filled with a sand-like substance. The sand is treated with chemical agents that work at trapping moisture inside of the dissident unit. These will need to be swapped with new ones every week or so to keep moisture at bay in the area. Another idea is to use oscillating fans, dehumidifiers, or air conditioning to keep moisture levels lower inside of the area. This will in turn make the area less desirable to insects, perhaps having them move on to conditions they favor in another area outside of your home as a result.

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