Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

Exploring Bedroom Furniture, Decorations and Layouts

Benefits of Professional Sod Installation

Margie Craig

After years of dogs playing and rambunctious kids, your lawn is beginning to look very worn and uneven. You have two main choices to bring back the look and feel of your once lush and beautiful lawn: seeding or sod. When you consider the benefits of having sod professionally applied to your lawn, you will quickly see that sod is the better option. Here are a few of the many benefits of having a professional sod your lawn.

Less Maintenance Than Seeding Your Lawn

Seeding your lawn is an extensive process that involves properly preparing the soil, laying the right seed at the right rate for your lawn's size, watering the seeds on a strict schedule, and applying herbicides to prevent weed growth. Sodding your lawn is much faster and only requires preparing the ground and having a professional lay the sod.

After the sod is professionally laid, you only need to water it periodically for a few weeks after installation. The sod will require no further fertilizer and herbicide for the sod to become established and grow.

Fewer Bare Spots

Sod is grown by professionals with years of experience in making sure that the sod is lush and does not feature any bare spots or patches of uncovered soil. The sod is then harvested in long rows before it is laid down on the soil in your yard. Grass seed is applied to the ground and there is no guarantee that the seed will take, which can lead to bare spots.

Additionally, if you do not apply fertilizer and herbicide at the correct rate, it will also lead to bare spots.  

Sod Prevents Soil Erosion

When you have bare soil or patchy grass in your backyard, it can lead to soil erosion. This is because the rainwater and other moisture in your yard will wash away your soil, which can cause your soil to become uneven and bumpy. Because sod is heavier and becomes established in your soil more quickly, it will lead to less erosion, which keeps your soil level.

Sod Flourishes on Poor Quality Soil  

Finally, if you have poor quality soil in your backyard, the soil will need to be tested and amended with nutrients before you can plant seeds. Sod, on the other hand, will become established in soil that is of lesser quality, which can actually save you money because you will not need to test or add nutrients and vitamins to your soil.

If your backyard is looking patchy and needs a makeover, there are several benefits to choosing sod overseeding your yard. Consider contacting a company like Mata Turf to find out more. 


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